The South Sioux City City Council unanimously voted to turn the former firehall at 201 W. 16th St. into a museum for old fire department memorabilia.

The museum is to be called Memorial Hall and Fire Chief Clint Merithew hopes to see it ready for public viewing sometime toward the end of April.

“I think it's a great idea for Memorial Hall to be used for historical items,” said councilwoman Carol Schuldt. “A lot of towns smaller than ours have a museum so it's time.”

Additionally, the council approved an agreement with LimeBike, a service that provides dock-less smart bikes that can be rented using a smartphone app.

There would be no cost to the city for the service.

Riders can locate a bike using the app and pay one dollar for 30 minutes of usage. There are no docking stations; riders simply leave the bikes where they are when they are finished using them.

The bikes are equipped with GPS and wheel-locking technology to prevent theft. Once the rider pays the dollar using their phone, the wheels unlock and they can ride the bike. The service is intended to promote fitness and green transportation.

The City of Sioux City also recently approved an agreement with LimeBike, so South Sioux City's bikes will be arriving when Sioux City gets theirs, said Gene Maffit, Parks Director.

Also, the South Sioux City City Council approved the first reading of Ordinance 2018-3 which bestows harsher penalties to businesses for reporting false fire alarms. Previously, a business could report six false fire alarms in one year before any fine was imparted. Then, the seventh through tenth false alarms each carried a $25 fine and anything above that was a $35 fine. Ordinance 2018-3 calls for no charge for the first two false alarms, and a $50 fine for the third, $100 for the fourth, $200 for the fifth, $300 for the sixth, $400 for the seventh, and $500 for each after over the course of one year.